Search Engine Optimization

If you are not receiving the SEO results you were expecting and if you are ready to have first page ranking on popular search engines, turn your project over to the professionals at Internet Marketing services. With years of experience in Search engine optimization, we know the legalities involved in making it to the top. Simply stated, we provide you with popular keywords for higher search engine ranking, at a low price. We strive to provide our clients with superior SEO services that drive qualified traffic to your website. Swarming traffic means more chances of conversions, thus more business turnover for you.

When it comes to visibility, search engine optimization is a process that may take as long as 6 to 12 months to show measurable results. Being on the first page of Google, with the most generic keywords is a process which takes valuable time. The process may also require constant and consistent efforts from your online marketer. If you choose our affordable SEO services, you will gain genuine and long lasting results because we follow a unique competitive process for higher visibility.

Social Media Optimization

Is your brand completely buried under the extensive market competition and growing number of websites? We can help you uncover and become visible through our Social Media Optimization techniques and improve your website's presence on the internet.

Our Social Media Marketing experts acquire public awareness of your website, product or service, via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, Blogspot, and many more. Through Social Media Optimization, we aim to increase your website traffic through social networks and other online communities rather than search engines. The result is increased traffic in a faster period of time.

We use the following process to increase traffic from social websites and online communities:
Complete analysis and examination of the prevailing social media trends.
Creating a buzz about your brand and enhancing your brand visibility.
Developing new methods for creating viral videos, blogs, social bookmarking, widgets, and podcasts.
Allow your visitors the opportunity to tag, share and communicate with your online activities.
Linking you and your visitors, community members, and even your competitors through various methods of online participation ultimately increasing your customer-base.
Monitoring your traffic and visitor trends to help you devise profitable strategies.
Closely observe all the latest and hyped-up social marketing events to help you gain the utmost exposure.

Link Building

Link popularity is perhaps the most crucial factor in determining your position with search engines. Imagine a website containing your link casting a vote towards your website, this is Link popularity. When search engines, such as Google, rank your website and allocate page rank; these votes offer a higher rating. Therefore, the link building campaign at Internet Marketing Services focuses on providing you with popularity by finding relevant quality websites and then linking them to you.

The aspect is simple, if you want to gain high search engine results you must connect with other websites. This is where our experts come into play; they offer similar websites the opportunity to link with your website. We also offer your website sufficient and effective content that will gain notice from other websites. In turn, your website will be linked with others in an effort to gain higher ranking.

Pay-Per-Click Management

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a search engine marketing process that generates a cost each time your website advertisement is selected from a search engine. A higher cost per click offers a more successful advertisement as well as a higher ranking on search engine results.

Our expert team will manage your complex PPC Marketing process. Based on your requirements, we begin with identifying the basic keywords to be targeted for Pay-Per-Click. After the identifying process, we test these keywords for their maximum effectiveness in complying with your basic marketing goals. We would also recommend a change in strategy and make instant modifications to your pay-per-click campaign if an issue arises. This process could protect your campaign as well as financial investments.

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